JCY Westchester Community Partners

On Thursday September 14, 2017 I took photos for JCY Westchester Community Partners and it was truly a great event to be witnessed to. JCY is a program that meet the literacy needs of the children in the community.

Focusing on the literacy needs of the youth, JCY-Westchester Community Partners develops intergenerational programs that improve the reading and writing abilities of the students in K-12 and provide opportunities for student community service.  The lives of the volunteers are deeply enriched by the relationships they form with their students across the diverse spectrum of Westchester’s population.

While I was there everyone truly enjoyed there time there. Between reunions of friends and associates the genuine smiles were truly a ‘kodak moment’. I definitely did my best to capture the fun and laughter that was happening at this event. 

Book Signing - William Bunch

There are people out there that will never surprise you and then there are people out there who not only surprise you but will expand your mind in the process. William Bunch is truly that man that will surprise you. He invited me to Columbia University for his book signing and it was a terrific environment to be in. When you are truly passionate, you can do anything. 

His first book, ‘Mercy’s First Semester’ is about being raised in a deeply religious family, Mercy rebels against all rules during his teenage years. He stops attending church and drops out of high school. To avoid a destined path of self-destruction, Mercy enlists in the Army. After two combat tours, Mercy returns home battling PTSD. Trying to forget about the lives that he has taken and resume a “normal” life, Mercy returns to church. He enrolls in college and reconnects with a childhood crush. Mercy saved some of his men. Can he save himself?

I find it interesting that it is usually easier to help others than to help ourselves. This is definitely a must read. Please support my brother in Christ by purchasing his book at Barnes and Nobles or online.

May God truly Bless you Will!!!

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